Green Life Kratom is a family business. Simply put, we provide the worlds best Kratom at the best prices.

It is local knowledge that allows us to provide you - our customers - with the very best Kratom that nature has to offer.

Here at Green Life we are Kratom enthusiasts. It is our traditional knowledge and appreciation of the best that led us to the desire to supply others with the high quality Kratom we’ve always enjoyed.

When considering a strain, we accept only the most potent of leaves and we look at many factors before making it available as the final product. Some factors include:

- Freshness: Has the Kratom been sitting in storage or is it fresh picked? Only fresh picked will do!

- Cleanliness: Has the leaf been thoroughly washed a minimum of three times after being harvested?

- Quality: Effectiveness? Aroma? Duration?

- Drying Process: How and where was the product dried? (Humidity, Dry Time, Location)

- Packing Method: Was the Kratom 100% dry before packing? And in vacuum sealed in light and air resistant containers?

Once our leaf is harvested it is triple washed in sterile water. It is then taken inside a climate controlled area and fully dried in low humidity (lower than its natural environment) to ensure quick, effective, and stable preservation of the original alkaloid content. When dried, the leaf is packaged in vacuum sealed, light and tear resistant containers and immediately shipped to us via priority mail.

Our Mitragyna Speciosa arrives weeks and sometimes days of being harvested where we inspect for pathogens, agricultural pests, and harmful chemicals (phytosanitary certification). We then de-vain/de-stem and grind it into a micronized powder that flows like water creating a final product that is as pure, clean and fresh as you could ever hope to find.

We have selected just a handful of strains that meet our standards of freshness, cleanliness, and quality making us certain you will be 100% satisfied with our products. This, along with the most affordable prices anywhere, is Green Life’s mission.