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Greenlife Incense products are sold for research purposes only and cannot be ingested by animals or humans.

Products sold are to end-users for research purposes only.

Purchasers must be at least 18 years of age and may be asked to prove it. Any order or purchase made by an under-aged Purchaser will result in suspension of that account and possible legal and/or criminal action.

DO NOT purchase or use any of our products without first researching them to ensure compatibility with your project and to ensure that all safety precautions listed are followed.

To ensure compliance with the foregoing, Greenlife Incense reserves the right at any time or times to confirm the purpose and status of any research project being undertaken by Greenlife Incense customers.

Research for educational purposes may need to be confirmed by the institution for which the research has been undertaken. If such be the case, please include contact information for the institution when placing your order.

Greenlife Incense makes no warranty expressed or implied or representation as to the fitness for use of any of its products.

Greenlife Incense compounds are relatively unknown in the scientific community and, therefore, in purchasing them you are releasing Greenlife Incense from any and all liability associated with their use.

Any contribution you make to Greenlife Incense of the results of your research will be happily received by Greenlife Incense and its researchers in order to bring more information to them and the research community.

By purchasing any products on www.greenlifekratom.com or any directly affiliated websites or companies, you are confirming that you are of at least eighteen years of age and are intending to use any products purchased for research purposes only. By purchasing any of our products or by visiting our website you have entered into an electronic agreement stating your awareness of the legal regulations and requirements involved with these products according to your location, as well as your knowledge of their data, information and all dangers associate with any and all products listed on our website including possible injury or death. Our products are strictly not for human consumption, nor are they for veterinary or other animal use. Resale of our products is strictly forbidden without license. Any violations of these policies will result in permanent termination of your accounts and potential future services as well as possible notifications to the proper authorities. All information transmitted via e-mail is kept private and confidential. Our company accepts no liability for the consequences of any actions taken on the basis of the information provided.