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Please use the E-TRANSFER CONFIRMATION FORM below to send us the required INTERAC info to complete your payment and order.

1. Log into your online Bank
2. Go to INTERAC e-transfers page - often found in the transfers menu
3. Send transfer for the order total to : payments@greenlifekratom.com - please review the “direct order” slip sent to the email used to place your order.
Please note:• The "security question" can be anything you wish.
• Use the security answer you choose, or preferably, use “GreenlifeK1” being our default answer key.
• Don't forget to confirm the transfer as the last step - you should receive a confirmation code from your bank when you have successfully paid
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I*Please be advised that some banks require you to add a new recipient before proceeding so simply choose that option and add payments@greenlifekratom.ca) as a new recipient. You will have to do this step one time. Once in the system you will not have to do step again.
Please note: All sent transfers are inherently linked to your order.



For the COD orders, simply fill out the online order form and state your preference(COD) in the payment method field

Once completed we will prepare the shipment to be delivered COD. Upon delivery you will pay the post officer the funds required and receive your order. If no one is available at time of delivery, a Canada Post slip/card will be left at the address earmarked for delivery. At this point you will have to go to the Post office as outlined on the Canada Post Slip/Card and pay the required funds to receive your order. At this time we can only fulfill COD orders for Canadian customers. Please note: Free COD will only be available for orders $100.00 and up. If you wish to make a COD purchase for an order less than $100, a fee of 7.99 will apply

Method #3.

Mobile Check

We recommend Mobile Check for US clients. We have processed many orders with the Mobile Check option... It is a really neat little payment alternative .
This s very easy and safe. Basically you just make out a check to us and send us 2 pictures. One of the front and one of the back.

Here's what to do-

-Make check payable to: Joshua Mesh ( Not Greenlife Kratom because its better if you do not mention Kratom or product names. This is due to scheduling scare in the USA where most credit card processing companys (and some banks) have distanced themselves from anything to do with Kratom. We figure this is the safest bet.

-Make sure your total matches the total on your order.

-Sign your check on the signature line.

- In the memo area put "Services rendered" or leave it blank . Do not write "Kratom" or names of products.

-Take 2 pictures (front side picture and back side picture - dark surface is best...must show all 4 corners)

-Send (text) the 2 pictures to (709) 589-7494 or email to "greenlifekratom@gmail.com"

**We will send you a quick text to confirm your deposit (please allow 0-24 hours for the text , but we try to do these ASAP
FYI: Some vendors are using offshore credit card processors however we strongly advise staying away from this payment method. Not only is it unsafe security wise but there are many "processing fees" that get added to the transaction after the fact causing high costs to the customer that are not easily reversed. Due to these "offshore" card processors being provided by foreign country's (mostly China), among other things, they have much looser merchant laws making it nearly impossible to get a refund should you want to dispute the charges or return your purchase. For these reasons we have declined to go this route. We would not want to compromise our customers in this manner.
Some other sites are using Mobile Check as well. Best to stick with one of these if you decide to look else where. It is in your best interest to stay away from offshore gateways.

Method #4
Bank or Wire Transfer

If you want to do a bank or wire transfer just let us know and we will send instructions.